Top 25 Surprising Archaeological Finds

Archaeologists dig through the faint traces of the past to learn more about human history. Of course, you don't excavate vampire burial grounds everyday but on occasion you may find yourself face to face with some fairly intense artifacts. Whether they are ancient computers, massive underground armies, or just gruesome corpses, these are the 25 most intense archaeological discoveries in human history. 25 most intense archaeological discoveries in human history: The Baby Disposal The Venetian Vampire Teotihuacan Sacrifice Terra Cotta Army The Screaming Mummies The First Leper Ancient Chemical Warfare Rosetta Stone Diquis Spheres The Grauballe Man Desert Kites Atlantis Acambaro Figures Antikythera Mechanism Rapa Nui The Tomb of Sunken Skulls Piri Reis Map Nazca Lines Dead Sea Scrolls Mount Owen Moa Voynich Manuscript Gobekli Tepe Sacsayhuaman Baghdad Battery Headless Vikings of Dorset