Lokta Paper Making in Nepal

In Nepal, people have been making Lokta paper for centuries. Lokta papers are made from the fibrous inner bark of Lokta bushes that are found over 5,000 metres above sea level. The Papermaking Center (Est. 2005) in Nangi, Nepal is just one of the income generating programs that benefit the prosperity of the Himanchal School as well as the local people of remote village. To date, the Center has created jobs for 8 women of the impoverished village.

This informational video was created to assist the efforts of humanitarian Mahabir Pun and The Himanchal Education Foundation. The purpose of highlighting these projects is to show Nepal, other third world countries, and the world ways of overcoming geographic isolation, poverty, and an unstable government. With creative ambition and the use of local resources, possibilities prove to be unstoppable.

Watch the process unfold as we follow 4 of the workers into the forest. It is an intimidating scene as several women carry sickle knives at their side. Upon locating suitable shrubs, they begin hacking away, but with impressive precision. The Papermaking video is a small taste of our experience in Nepal, as we continue production on The Himalayan Gap documentary.