Cute Mini-Shetland Pony Lou from Appassionata Show

This cute button eyes, which you can't help but love, are from the Mini-Shetland pony Lou. In this Video, horse director Meike Arnason tells you more about Lou and his part at the show.

Since 2002 Appassionata is enchanting the audiences with magic encounters between men and horses touring through Europe. Every year a new story offers the framework guiding the audiences through fantastic scenes with top-class horsemanship, fast-paced action, magical liberty dressage and more than 50 magnificent horses (e.g. Frisian horses, Arabian horses, Azteca horses, Andalusian horses, Shire horses, Postier Breton horses, Menorquin horses, Camargue horses, Icelandic horses, Lipizzan horses, Quarter horses, Shetland ponies and donkeys)! The riders are surrounded by a sophisticated artwork of iridescent costumes, magical sceneries, expressive dancing and emotional music.