Ultra Reality: Meteorite Collision with Earth

LG Electronics in Chile recently replaced an office window with one of their new 84-inch Ultra High Definition 4K Smart Televisions and scared unsuspecting job applicants by displaying footage of a meteor crash landing right outside.

The meteor footage is so realistic that it sends each interviewee running for the door. Last year LG promoted one of their monitors by convincing people riding in an elevator that the floor was falling beneath them.

Cute Baby Hippo Emma Swims with Human Mom

Two month old hippopotamus calf, Emma, frolicks with surrogate mom Petronel Niewoudt of Care for Wild Africa. The name comes from the ancient Greek for "River horse".

Birth of a Damselfly

What a beautiful insect the damselfly is.

Conjoined Twin Brothers Refuse To Be Separated

Doctors have told 12-year-old conjoined twin brothers that it would be possible to separate them, but the two boys, who share two legs and four arms, are saying they’d rather stick together.

Hyenas Wrestling With Kevin Richardson

Join Kevin Richardson in a full VR experience as he hangs with five Hyneas in Pretoria, South Africa. The story of a remarkable young hyena and one man’s quest to change people’s misconceptions of these remarkable animals.