Space Videos

A Journey to Space

The clearest video of Earth from space ever seen. A Journey to Space is a video that was created by French filmmaker Guillaume Juin.

What If Other Planets Replaced Our Moon?
This is an amazing perspective if planets were as near to us as the moon.
Washing Your Hair in Space

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shows how she washes her long hair in space while living in weightlessness on the International Space Station.

Earth at Night

This video uses the Earth at night view created by NASA’s Earth Observatory with data processed by NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center and combined with a version of the Earth Observatory’s Blue Marble: Next Generation.

Nail Clipping in Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us how the crew of the International Space Station clip their nails in space.

What Astronauts See at Night

One of the most fantastic videos ever produced.

Eruption on the Sun

A spectacular eruption on the surface of the sun has been captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.


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