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World's Biggest Mining Saw in Kazakhstan

Weighing in at a whopping 45,000 tons, the monster piece of machinery can slice its way through virtually anything, including huge mountains made entirely of coal.

Swasthani Brata Katha Festival in Nepal

During the festival, devotees recite one chapter of a Hindu tale daily from the 31-chapter sacred Swasthani Brata Katha book, that is dedicated to God Madhavnarayan and Goddess Swasthani.

A Candle Factory: How To Make Candles

Before the invention of electric lighting, candles and oil lamps were commonly used for illumination. In areas without electricity, they are still used routinely. Until the 20th century, candles were more common in northern Europe.

Thousands of Love Locks Hang at Cologne Bridge

Love locks are a growing phenomenon in cities across Europe and are meant by the couples who leave them behind as a symbol of their powerful and undying love for one another.

104-Year-Old Marathon Runner Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh is 104 and is believed to be the world's oldest runner. Since taking up running, aged 89, he has run nine full marathons. He still jogs every day in east London.

The Most Beautiful Roads in The World

Andy Lee's roads series features picturesque routes running through the likes of Iceland, Wales, England and Scotland. The photographer, 46, began taking pictures for this series in 2013.

Professional Bull Riders: Monster Ride

Eduardo Aparecido, from Decatur, Tx., rides Dirty Deal during the Professional Bull Riders Buck Off, in New York's Madison Square Garden.


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