This Adorable Dog Refuses To Eat Alone

Rescued pup Bonnie joins this new family thanks to The Sato Project, an organization that was created to rescue dogs in Puerto Rico.

Crystal Ball Performance in Tokyo

This crystal ball performance in Yoyogi Park in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. The juggler's name is Okotanpe - and yes he's amazing.

Cutest Lamb Lives in New York City Apartment

Smokey Da Lamb is turning heads in some of the city’s coolest neighbourhoods after chef Sandy Dee Hall, 34, and his girlfriend Maxine Cher, 24, adopted him.

Mother Hippo Defends Calf from Lion Attack

The tables are turned on a lion as it attempts to hunt a hippo in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. After bringing down the young hippo calf, the calf’s mother returned to chase off the lion.

Orphaned Baby Orangutan Gets A Friend

The youngster was found on the brink of death by animal charity International Animal Rescue, after being crammed into a chicken coop and fed only condensed milk for the first ten months of his life.

What Happens When Molten Lava Meets Ice?

When lava was poured directly onto densely packed ice, the lava was able to flow over the simulated glacier at rates of tens of centimeters a second, lubricated by a layer of steam.

Riding the White Line (Sedona, Arizona)

Michal Kollbek was filmed defying gravity as he made his way over the famed White Line in Sedona - a near impossible route carved into a rock in Arizona.

Professional Racer Girl Pranks Driving Instructors

Leona Chin is a professional racer and drifter from Malaysia, who went in disguise as a novice driver to give these new driver's ed instructors the most thrilling first day on the job ever.

Lady Steals Ball from Little Girl

A woman steals a discarded baseball from a young girl at Minute Maid Park. The high five just adds insult to injury.

Volcanic Lightning (Kyushu Island, Japan)

Sakurajima volcano, translated as Cherry Island, has been erupting on a regular basis since 1955 and is a constant danger to the nearby city of Kagoshima, which has a population of over 600,000.


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