School Portrait

The aim of the film was to tap into the nostalgia for peoples school photos.

Yoga Cat Pose

Cat pose is a prelimary exercise preparing the body for asanas in a class or helps release tension in the whole back, spine and neck.

Minefield Clearing In Afghanistan

This is how you clear minefields in Afghanistan.

Ice Drum Solo

Guy playing drum kit made out of ice.

Bread Cutter

The Russian Army has a secret weapon.

Warrior Girl

The funniest dutch commercial ever.

Pants Falling Down at Wedding

Pants fall down during wedding. The Bride and Groom can’t stop laughing during their own wedding.

Caiman vs Capybara

The world’s largest rodent, the capybara, roams the Amazon jungle and attracts fierce predators such as the caiman and the anaconda.

Dancing Mantis (Gongylus Gongylodes)

Gongylus gongylodes, also known as the wandering violin mantis, Ornate mantis or Indian rose mantis, is an insect of the order Mantodea.

Eating Red  Ant Larvae

Eating red ant larvae in Thailand.


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