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Barbara Schoneberg and Walter Röhrl in the Audi S3: Silently Scream

German television presenter Barbara Schoneberger is the fortunate one to experience being in the passenger seat of this new 300bhp Audi S3 while ex-rally motorsport legend Walter Rohrl does his thing around this high-speed circuit.

Young Bears Fan Pranked

A young Bears fan opens a package and finds the jersey of a rival team.

First Walk on the Ice

An adorable little girl named Polina walks on ice for the first time.

Grandpa and Kids

Kid gets swept away by current.

Meaningful Coincidence in Life

It is a good reminder that kindness is always the right way.

Gum Commercial

Sometimes the little things last the longest.

Finally Standing Up To Dad

Adorable baby gets chased by her daddy until she stands up to him.


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