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Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time

A number of babies were given lemons to suck on and then filmed to see how they would react. The concept is simple but the results are unbelievably adorable.

European Woman at a Gas Station

Watch the confusion, frustration and apparent lack of spatial reasoning skills that leads a European woman to repeatedly stop her car on the wrong side of the pump.

The Best Videos of 2014

A compilation of the best viral videos of 2014. French director, actor and video editor Luc Bergeron just released the seventh installment of his Best Of Web series.

Hilarious Tampon Commercial: First Moon Party

This pitch-perfect video from period-supplies service Hello Flo shows a fictional mom teasing her pre-teen who lied about getting her first period -- in the most hilarious way.

Adorable Baby Discovers Eyebrows For First Time

An adorable new video shows 20-month-old Leon MacEochaidh discovering the hilarity of his eyebrows for the first time. At one point he pulls a look of surprise raising his eyebrows high with his eyes wide open.

Kids Debate Weather in Adorable: Sprinkling or Raining

In the end, neither party can be convinced about the weather. But the debate takes an adorably serious turn when the little girl pokes the boy in the chest.

Interesting Woman at the Library

Woman at the library listens to music on headphones and dances like crazy.


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