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Pregnant Little Girl

A little girl in a pregnancy suit pranks people around her by acting pregnant. With a fake bump and some top rate acting skills, she’s on a park bench making suckers out of some passers-by.

Ultra Reality: Meteorite Collision with Earth

The meteor footage is so realistic that it sends each interviewee running for the door. Last year LG promoted one of their monitors by convincing people riding in an elevator that the floor was falling beneath them.

Twerking Fail: Breaks Glass Table And Starts On Fire

While twerking upside down against her door, someone opens the door and things go terribly wrong. Caitlin falls backwards onto a glass table and candles set her on fire.

Blow Face

Very funny faces when they are out against high-speed wind. Music: Dirtbox Main Mix, Warner // Chappell Production Music

DashCam: Police Dance in The Car Caught on Camera

Police in Dover, Delaware have released dash cam footage showing an officer lip-syncing Taylor Swift's Shake It Off as he drives around town.

Baby Daughter and Father Workout

During a recent workout session, Michael Stansbury and his daughter Lilly Ann performed ‘The Lilly Ann Workout’, a workout that includes Michael mimicking all of his daughter’s moves.

Wife Shocks Husband with Amazing Baby Surprise

A Minnesota woman lets her husband know she's pregnant in a photo booth and films his reaction. Jessica says photobooths are a tradition that dates back to their first date.


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