Deaf Uganda Teen Communicates for The First Time

Born deaf in a remote area of Uganda in Africa, 15-year-old Patrick Otema has never had a conversation with anyone in his entire life. Raymond Okkelo, a sign language teacher, set out to change all this and offer Patrick a way out of the fearful silence he has known his whole life.

10 weeks ago, Patrick attended his very first sign language class. Patrick is now free from “the silence he has known his whole life,” and has dreams of teaching deaf people.

Insane Downhill Bike Street Race

The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race is a legendary urban bike race and is more extreme than skydiving. The rider must brave jumps, stray dogs, and flights of stairs along the steep downhill path.

Being Confident "Like A Girl"
The new campaign had a documentary filmmaker ask women, men and boys to act out what "throw like a girl" and "run like a girl" mean. Out came the stereotypical limp arms and silly facial expressions
Hypnotization Instinct In Animals

Hypnotization Instinct In Animals. Alligators have been on then planet for more than 150 million years.

Boemerang: Erik Hartman Laughs at His Guests

The famous (faked) talkshow Boemerang had a host that started to laugh at one of his guests. Here is the clip in high quality. This is a scetch from the flemish comedy show In De Gloria.