Animal Videos

Giant Clam: Tridacna Gigas

Giant clams release eggs and sperm into the water, where the eggs will generally be fertilised by the sperm from another giant clam. Giant clams are able to release more than 500 million eggs at a time.

Sand Tiger Shark: Close Up

Sand tiger sharks roam the epipelagic and mesopelagic regions of the ocean, sandy coastal waters, estuaries, shallow bays, and rocky or tropical reefs, at depths of up to 190 metres.

Baby Fennec Fox at the San Diego Zoo

The fennec fox weighs about three pounds when full grown, making it the smallest fox in the world. Large, bat-like ears provide extraordinary hearing that can help locate prey underground or up to 1.5 miles away.

Funny Animals (Black White)

The mascots of the Flying Fortress airplane “Hokey Chile” stationed in North Carolina, “Scrappy” the dog and “Joe” the monkey, take some exercise on the runway.

Rabbit Hopping Competition
Rabbit jumping started in Sweden early in the 1970s when the first rabbit club started to arrange rabbit jumping competitions. Competitions have been held in several European countries.
The Annual Weigh in for Animals at London Zoo

The heights and weights of over 750 different animal species at the zoo are recorded into the International Species Information System, to monitor their health and share the data with other zoos across the world.

Monster Midas Cichlids Fighting

Midas Cichlids are heavily built and are capable of standing up to any other aquarium-sized cichlid in fights over territory. They have powerful jaws, sharp teeth and a physical size advantage in comparison to other aquarium species.


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