Animal Videos


The kookaburra is the largest kingfisher in the world. They were found right along the east coast and were introduced to Western Australia in 1898 and are now established in the south west corner of that state.

Monkey vs Lion

Tiny monkey vs Lion, tiny monkey destroys lion.

Crazy Eyed Toad

This toad has what looks like some kind of parasite in the eye.

Dolphins Mating

Sexual maturity is reached when the dolphin becomes old enough to reproduce. It is generally thought that: Female Dolphins reach sexual maturity between five and twelve years old.

Octopus Walks on Land

Octopus walks on land at fitzgerald marine reserve.

Blind Kitten: Oskar

Blind kitten Oskar playing with toys for the first time.

Hypnotization Instinct In Animals

Hypnotization Instinct In Animals. Alligators have been on then planet for more than 150 million years.


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