5-Year-Old Filipino Surfer: Kai Kai Alcala

Meet the little surfer dude who loves nothing more than catching big waves. Pint-sized Kai Kai Alcala, aged five, has been making waves in the surfing world after videos of his antics surfaced online.

He started to surf when he was four but always loved playing in water from a very young age. So it wasn’t long before Kai Kai, from the Philippines, picked up a board and followed in his family footsteps.

His mum Manette is a five-time Philippine national surfing champion and his uncle, Piso, a three-time Cloud 9 International surfing champion. And his mum’s fiancé, Kyron Rathbone, is sponsored for big wave surfing and stand up paddle boarding.

Kyron said: "People are in awe when they see Kai Kai surfing - he is so small he looks like a remote control toy. "Everyone is just blown away by his skills and most people stop surfing just so they can watch him."

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