3-Year-Old Wildlife Ranger Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker, 3, is the youngest ranger at Australia's Ballarat Wildlife Park outside Melbourne. He plays with gators, although under the watchful eye of his family, who operates the zoo.

Interestingly enough, Charlie Parker does not even think about his one-on-one interactions with said wild animals as wrestling. Quite the contrary, this daredevil kid is convinced that he, Gump the alligator and Pablo the boa constrictor are doing nothing more and nothing less than playing.

In case anyone was wondering, it looks like Charlie Parker's parents have no issues when it comes to letting their son interact with wild animals. Furthermore, they are both pleased and proud.

This is because the 3-year-old's father, Greg, is currently the person in charge of running the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia.

In other words, Charlie's love towards wildlife is not so much something he grew to experience all by himself, but something he inherited from his parents.

Radar Online reports that, as far as Greg Parker is concerned, his son has every chance of becoming a wildlife ranger and a conservation advocate when he grows up.

“He can be an ambassador for animal conservation and welfare. I think it’s great for everybody,” the kid's father commented with respect to Charlie's hobby.

Despite the fact that several people now refer to this 3-year-old as the youngest ranger ever to walk the face of the earth, wildlife experts maintain that allowing him to come this close to wild animals is not such a good idea, even if Charlie seems to be well in control of the situation.

As they put it, alligators, boa constrictors and the like are highly unpredictable and could easily turn against Charlie when he least expects it.

“Children and wild animals are not a good mix,” Hanna added. “You can train a wild animal but you can never tame a wild animal,” animal handler Jack Hanna recently told members of the press.

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